Have a drawer full of t-shirts that you have collected over the years? Don’t want to throw them away just yet? Put all those t-shirts on display and keep yourself warm at the same time! Our quilts are great gifts for any age or special occasion (graduation, birthdays, Christmas). Quilts can be made in any size, from a throw to a king. We offer three types of quilts: traditional, rag, or unstructured.


What We Need

Review the chart on this page to determine your preferred quilt size and the number of t-shirts required.

Please note:

  • Deposit of 50% is required for work to begin.

  • 15′ squares are recommended for large images (adult and teen shirts)

  • Wash t-shirts without perfumed detergents or dryer sheets.

  • Mark each shirt with the side you want used or any special requests using blue painters tape (front only, back only, both sides, combine front and back, etc).

  • DO NOT CUT THE SHIRTS. The shirts will be cut after the stabilizer is applied.

  • All supplies (except the t-shirts) will be provided by DBH Designs. All fabrics we use are solid colors.

  • Custom Backing Option: If your quilt consists of a theme and you want to carry it to the back, you may. Fabric can be purchased online or at any fabric store. It will need to be pre-washed and sent with the t-shirts.

  • Caring for your quilt is simple. Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, dry on medium / low setting.


How It Works

Traditional Quilts

After I receive your t-shirts, I begin the fabrication process. The shirts are stabilized and squared off. The traditional “border” method is top stitched for extra stabilization and a decorative stitch is placed in between each square.

Backing options are a no-pill fleece or solid cotton fabric in your color of choice. I suggest using black or a color that compliments the t-shirts for the sashing/border.

Once the front and back are attached, I will stitch around the entire outside border. When using cotton fabric, I can put a batting between these two layers before finishing. This quilt style can be machine quilted all over or just on the border/sashing.

Rag & Unstructured Quilts

On the other hand, rag quilts have no border. The front and back are sewn together and the seam edges show on top of the quilt. Seam allowances are snipped to create a rag effect. The more you wash the quilt, the more frayed the edges will become. The rag quilt also gets batting between the layers. Cotton fabric is recommended for the backing. The rag quilt can have a quilted X on top of each square or simply be left as is.